Say bye bye to big electric bills

Close Comfort needs so little electricity: less than Rs 10 an hour, less than Rs 2500 a month. You will never notice load shedding again as it runs on a UPS.

How It Works

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A fan with a tiny fridge: simple

So small, so portable, so easy: just plug it in to get cool fresh air. 

No pipe or window kit needed.

We cool people, not rooms, and save 75% or more energy!

It works anywhere!

Avoid installer hassles, pipes, water, ice, and costly servicing.

A great green idea for a warmer world!

There’s nothing else like a Close Comfort AC.

Close Comfort creates a cool zone in the room for one person, two people in bed, or a group sitting together (e.g. on a couch).  We save energy by not cooling the whole room.

The Igloo tent amplifies cooling for sleeping or gupshup, and protects from mosquitos.

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The Best Portable AC in Pakistan

Close Comfort is a huge improvement on old style portables.

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The Close Comfort Story

The Close Comfort AC was invented in Pakistan for Pakistan.

In 2004, Professor James Trevelyan conceived the technology, lying in bed before dawn one summer morning in Islamabad.  With load shedding, the air conditioner and fan had stopped.  It was 41 degrees in the upstairs bedroom.  Drops of sweat rolled down his face … in the silence as a mosquito whined.

He realized that just a breath of cool fresh air would be enough for comfort.  With the right technology, a battery could provide enough power.

Like all inventions, Close Comfort was 0.1% inspiration and 99.9% perspiration…

James and his students build prototypes in Australia, one after another, gradually reducing the power needed for comfort.  They designed special fans and heat exchangers and worked with Pakistan tent makers to create self-erecting pyramid tents.

Fast forward to 2016, Close Comfort PC8 model air conditioners go on sale in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and are an instant success.

In 2018, the PC9+plus model was released with greater cool air throw, DC inverter technology, variable cooling power and a remote control.

Specialist Chinese tent designers helped devise the lighter and more spacious Igloo tent. Built to exacting specifications and with production supervised by Australian engineers, Close Comfort customers can be assured that they are buying the best quality money can buy.

With over 1,500 units sold in Pakistan, Close Comfort is still a small, young company. We are about to expand production and soon we will be bringing affordable air conditioned comfort thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of families across Pakistan.