Cool Focus*

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  • Fit this to your Close Comfort PC8 Air Conditioner to double the cool air throw with no extra electricity use!
  • Cool Focus produces a much faster air flow velocity in a more focused jet, doubling the apparent cool air throw and cooling effect for daytime use.
  • The main part is a nozzle that fits onto the cool air outlet of the PC8 air conditioner
  •  The transparent flap fitted to the end of the cool air outlet cover directs the air jet at a higher angle so Close Comfort does not have to be elevated on a table.
  • Cool Focus does not require any extra electrical power, nor is there any extra noise. It is easy to install when needed.
  • You will feel the difference once you install Cool Focus on your Close Comfort AC!
  • You wanted a much stronger cool air throw - now you can have it!
**This is a special one-time introductory price